Quick Reads [Jan. 10 2020]

1. The Antagonist’s Pet chapter 12 – Sasha and Rebecca would make a great couple <3. Nice continuation even though the chapter feels like filler. We don’t really learn anything new, we’re just seeing more of the relationship between Sasha and Rebeccah which is kind of sweet. The more I read, the more I think that while Sasha and most of High Society in the work think of Sasha as a human ‘pet,’ Rebeccah might see Sasha as a potential love interest. It’s just a theory, but it would make sense given Rebeccah’s current behavior and expressions. 

2.  It’s Too Hard to Chase the Tsundere Prince chapter 65 to 67 – Yun Qian Xun, our lovely main character, needs to tell the bloody prince that her sister, Yun Qian Xue, is a horrible, two-faced monster. If it doesn’t happen before the 100th chapter I think I might hold off on reading the rest of the series for a year because this kind of missing communication just doesn’t make sense in modern storytelling. Miscommunication of the antagonist at chapter 60+ of the prince and our MC flirting just doesn’t, to me, justify the “love-triangle” that the series is trying to create. I think the only reason I keep waiting out as long as I have recently is that the artist does a great job of creating a cinematic image like below. Our prince is leaning down to whisper something in her ear, the flowers around them, creates a pink hue that makes the scene feel affectionate showing how close they are as friends despite barely knowing each other. Plus, the way the building is blurring in the background and everything close up is clear, with the two almost entering an embrace, makes the scene feel intimate even though they are surrounded by people. I’ll keep looking out for the reveal and I hope it happens soon.


3. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha chapter 13 – Was it a teach that stole the scepter? Probably. That’s all I’m going to write for now…. if I’m right then cool 😛 << Heads up, if you haven’t checked out this series yet you 100% should. It’s definitely one of that harem kind of mangas but it’s a slow build on said harem and has a pretty interesting premise. It’s not unique–I’ve seen plenty of “demon lords reborn into XYZ,” but this one still stands out to me as if it has characters from our demon king’s past life who are still alive. Only instead of them blindly following our main character or just not believing he’s their master reborn, they’ve all seemingly developed memory problems under what is possibly mind control. It’s kind of cool storywise. PLUS it’s supposed to get an anime this April that I’m super excited for!!

4. The Two Princesses chapter 8 – It’s still early so this chapter is still just meeting all of our key players and showing their new relationship to each other. I’m 90% certain that the “two princesses” really are sisters. If they’re not paternal twins (because of the different eye colors) than I would be they are at least half-sisters (as in, the father had an affair with Ye Hwa‘s mother). Calling it now–I bet this series ends with Ye Hwa marrying the prince and Baek Cheon marrying Im Ho. I’m also betting that there will be a point when Baek Cheon decides she wants her princess title back, possible out of a hope to protect Ye Hwa from something she doesn’t know or out of some selfish desire to avoid working. What do y’all think? 😀

5. The Duchess With An Empty Soul chapter 4 – I like how Ivona is really quickly standing up for herself. I also like how she has caught on to the various ways she’s being manipulated and how this chapter plays into the world-building. Tristan, her cousin, also really stands out because he’s portrayed looking really innocent and kind, even Ivona’s abusive father is nice to him, but Ivona points out the hypocrisy at the end. Plus it’s saying something about her culture here–her father only sees her as cattle for trade (via marriage), her ‘suitor,’ the Baron, only sees her as a potential tool for summoning and when he can’t manipulate her with words he takes away money and hopes that her father will pressure her to bend to his will immediately (not even giving her a chance to repent on her own time and without pressure), then Tristan comes in and his niceness also appears and throws affection at her, who is starved for it, like another tool of manipulation to keep her in check and the Baron happy. She is not loved by anyone, even her maids as she points out that they only worry about her out of fear for her father–she truly is alone. Sad, but a nice setup for the kind of adversity she’s going to be trying to escape from soon. Right now, she’s only preparing to escape, she hasn’t made a very active move to do so yet.

6. I Choose the Emperor Ending chapter 20 – This moment:


My reaction:


My review: You know how just above I was criticizing It’s Too Hard to Chase the Tsundere Prince for being too slow about the miscommunication? I Choose the Emperor Ending doesn’t have this problem yet and I don’t think it ever will so long as it keeps the pace it has now. Our main character’s gender is about to be revealed, and if it isn’t revealed and ends up pulling a move straight out of Mulan, our future-emperor was so close to finding out the truth about her gender that I don’t particularly care (because at least I can see some action towards that reveal). If it doesn’t come to fruition yet, I probably won’t be bothered simply because we got close to the reveal and because we’re still early in the series (only at chapter 20) of what will probably be a long time before she reveals that she’s the goddess of the people around her (something that sometimes never happens in an isekai).  Anyway, looking forward to the next installment on… 1/18?! I hate forgetting that I need to wait a week  ;_;


Very sad that I only got to 6 comics before midnight  ;_; – but that’s I went to C3 (Comic Creators Conference) in Long Beach!! AND IT WAS EPIC (for a comic+editorial/publishing nerd like myself). I met a lot of people and will be writing up a review tomorrow!! I also took a lot of notes too–so I’ll be sure to try and get those posts up tomorrow or Sunday on my publishing blog here at Tumblr, @peggyseditorial. I’ll be posting/reblogging the review of the conference on both of my Tumblrs but if you are interested in the notes, please direct yourself to my publishing blog (I’ll link the notes into the review for you all to make it easier). Don’t forget to follow me on @peggyseditorial on Twitter too so you can get updates as I post, previews and more!

Good night, y’all! 

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