Quick Reads [Jan. 11 2020]

1. The Fever King episodes/chapters 1 to 5 on Webtoon – I AM HOOKED. I’ll definitely be reading more tomorrow! This series was recommended by an anonymous person and I just want to shout to you (whoever you are) and say thank you!

2. A Capable Maid chapter 23 to 25 – please don’t let it be the little prince. ;_; that’s all I’m going to write for now on that. 

3. The Emperor’s Court Lady is Wanted as a Bride chapter 6 – The fact that the main character has been reincarnated and sees the person she used to care for all grown up but unable to speak is so hilarious to me that I’m basically missing the serious plot going on in the background as Lise imagines him with dog ears and tail in several poses.

4.The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food chapter 11 – Leo and Elizabeth should be together forever. ❤ He’s so awkward and all I can think is he’s 100% PERFECT.


5. Sweetheart V5: The Boss Is Too Kind! chapters 117 – This update was really quick and basically hit points we already know. The ‘love’ rival is faking it, but even though our MC doesn’t have about Lu Ming wandering as he’s now infatuated with her and convinced she’s not lying, she’s figuring out how to deal with the rival. 

6. Willful Tsundere Princess of the Empire or The Song of Theodor preview chapter – I love the colors and textures presented in the preview of this series. The characters are a bit… chibi-like for me to take the story too seriously yet, but I will be giving it a solid read as more chapters are released before making any final judgments. Either way, it looks like a good series. 

7. Maou No Utsuwa chapter 1 – I laughed pretty hard at Alto who just immediately segued from the building plot with a “Yes, but first–” statement. Like, I get we need to hear about the school but what a cut! Kamui probably has some serious magical power that he’s hiding, even though there was discussion of him not having power. At least, that’s my guess. Looking forward to more!

8. I Got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and Became Extraordinary Even in the Real World chapter 1 – This chapter felt more like a preview, even though we see things happen (like him being bullied, his relationship with his family, and the introduction to a potential love interest). That aside though, I’m a sucker for isekai stories that start with someone being bullied and coming back to their OW (original world) with superpowers. I can hardly wait to read more!

9. Demon B*tch from HoraToraStudios on Webtoon chapters 1 to 5 – Not my usual read, but I met the creator at C3 and decided to check it out. I read the first 5 episodes/chapters and was pleasantly surprised by how funny I found the series to be. I think what helped was hearing the creator’s reason for the series but also there is one panel in the very first chapter that hooked me (it’s when the MC takes her father’s snoring as permission) because it just reminded so much of something one of my nieces did that I was hooked! I’ll probably read more as time goes on. 

10. Mr. Cinderella chapters 1 to 2 – I used to love this series called Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki, which was the story of a young married couple, wife-Setsuko and husband-Kyousuke, that felt very much like a relationship of the time it was being written. What I mean by that, is that even with all the unlikely events going on–I could see how the two characters had entered and formed a loving marriage. Leading up to the end of the series, one might think that the relationship is a bit one-sided with Setsuko being more in love, and somewhat insane from it, than Kyousuke. Even so, they have a very active and caring marriage, with Kyousuke showing a deep love for his wife even if he doesn’t show outwardly the same obsession for her. However, when you get to chapter 40, the final chapter, you realize that Kyousuke is actually just as crazy and in love as Setsuko as he heavily pushes for children the same way she’s heavily pushed for an… um… hyperactive sex life in their marriage. He basically loses touch with reality the same way his wife does as he imagines how cute their children would be (with all of them looking like Setsuko). It was a marriage/relationship of the age it was written where young people fall in love and get married super fast (like my grandparents did, like my father did in his first marriage, etc). It’s hella cute and funny–often leaving me in a laughing as I asked if this was what relationships were really like since I was 14 when I read it. Mr. Cinderella reminds me of that feeling. I think it’s because this feels like a relationship of the age, even if it’s not totally realistic. When Fune and her friend are talking–it was like a conversation I’ve had with several friends about starting relationships over the last few years–and when Fune talks about falling for her boss, Ninomiya, I could understand that too as I’ve had friends date older people. The difference in age and making that work reminds me of friends that have done that and even of my own parents who have a 9 year age difference. Mr. Cinderella feels like a current romance and I plan to continue reading. 

Also, this was me:


Thank you.

11. Fiery Enemies by Kim SuJin and Yeo Wood on Tappytoon chapters 1 to 5 – This series hasn’t fully hooked me yet. I can tell that the two main characters love each other and that both think the other doesn’t feel the same (well, our leading lady is really making it feel like she hates him to his face), but I’m not getting a strong feel for the story yet. It definitely looks good and I’ll probably continue over the coming month or two to check in on the series and see if my feelings change. All in all, it’s not bad.

12. Lucia chapter 31 – The story didn’t move very much in this chapter, but that’s okay. I got to see more of Lucia’s cute clothes so I’m all good ;-). Seriously thinking of cosplaying as her the next time I attend a convention… I’m still hoping we see Hugo’s son soon. Do any of you have predictions?

13. Lady Beast chapter 30 – Aw!! Lupella <3!! Also, LMAO:


Meanwhile, Elissa and Ginger are going strong 💪 

14. Deor by J.Oori chapters 1 to 15 on Webtoons – First, love the credit to the editor (Annie Lahue). Second, I’m in love. I love how we see out main character and get a hint that there’s more to him than he knows. I love his brother Aequali (I hope Aequali meant it when he said he’d be on Deor’s side) and most of all I love the quacking raven:


❤ I need more. I’m so glad more is supposed to come this month!!

15. Humor Me chapter 11, page 14 by Marvin on Tapas – All I want to say is that I could ship it. If you read it, you know.

16. The beginning after the end episode/chapter 56 on Tapas- Woot woot! I wonder if the King is going to send men after the traveling party to get our beloved dragon pup away from our future king? Thoughts?

17. Prince of Silk and Thorn episode 29 on Tapas- Love it! It was kind of sad that this chapter was basically all dialogue with no action, but I understand that we needed the dialogue to really move forward on the story. I hope though that we won’t have another chapter that does this. I don’t think many, if any, of the chapters before this have done something like this before. I think we’ve always had a scene with something happening before, and I also think we could have time skipped to them being back at the palace and discussing our Lost Soul’s new role in the dynamic. Still, ready for the next chapter. 

18. A Matter of Life and Death episode 364 to 365 on Tapas – I feel lost in this story now… I feel like we’ve cut away for so many side stories or AUs that I’m missing what’s happening in the current story even though I’ve read the whole series. I think I’ll go back and try to re-read the series again soon. If I get lost again, I might drop reading the series for a while. 

19. Words and Creatures episode 294 to 296 on Tapas – I love this series and check up on it every two weeks or so. It’s a feel-good series that I highly recommend!

20. To Be or Not To Be chapter 11 by WangYi – LMAO. I love how our MC is constantly being mistaken and how pretty much everyone I’ve seen so far loves the emperor our MC has possessed. Like, he was (I believe) supposed to be a terrible ruler, yeah? But the maid seems to care about getting him what he wants and taking care of him. Pretty much, everyone, there is either affectionate (like the musician that hit on him) or seriously trying to make him happy. To me, that’s hilarious! 

AND THAT concludes today’s reads!

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