Quick Reads [Jan. 12 2020]

1. The Fever King episodes/chapters 6 to 31 on Webtoons – Love this! I just binge-read the series and I highly recommend it! I won’t spoil the series with a review of these chapters as I’m hoping you all will check it out for yourselves. I’ve linked the title to its page on Webtoons. 

2. Prime Minister in Disguise chapters 140 to 142 – Mangongchang, to me, has written the best love triangle I think I’ve ever read in a comic/graphic novel/manhwa/manga before. I mean, in just these last three chapters I’ve really felt Chengfeng’s relationship between Qing-er and Li Zhifan coming to an intense peak where a choice is going to have to be made. Obviously, the emperor, Li Zhifan, loves him–but so does Qing-er–and both are political adversaries in addition to being love rivals for Chengfeng. It’s super intense despite the lighthearted set up to this story. It really has been a great story development from the funny “replace my sister” to the subtle, saddening romance we see now because, in the end, there is going to be a tragedy here. Either Chengfeng will choose Li Zhifan or he’ll choose Qing-er and I feel like both of his love interests aren’t really willing to put up with the other in the long run… Just wow. Scenes that got to me in the latest chapter (142 specifically) was when Li Zhifan puts himself in front of Chengfeng; when Chengfeng cries over Qing-er; and the moment of silence between the three as Li Zhifan enters the room where Chengfeng is watching over Qing-er. Powerful.


3. The Duchess’ 50 Tea Recipes chapter 18 – I’m not sure I care to see the dutchess from the perspective of this new minor character, nor the reason behind her hatred of the dutchess and conflicted feelings inside. We already have an antagonist in the staff with a reason to plot against her, so seeing this new perspective with another reason to hate the person that was the dutchess before our MC possessed her body just feels like pointless filler right now. Unless the kitchen maid becomes a major part of the staff (lead by one maid) vs. dutchess plot, I don’t really see a reason to have placed this chapter in the mix.

4. Holy Chef, Crazy Empress chapters 100 to 101 – I’ll be honest… I know the cooking competition is has been hyped up but all I want out of this series is a happy marriage of our Empress and the Emperor with their very cute son. When I read it, that’s pretty much all I care about. 

5. Whose Baby is it? chapter 8 – YiYi is a great father. ❤ I love him so much. Also, I ship it:  


6. Shijou Saikyou no Mahou Kenshi chapter 5 – LOL, OP level upgrading of water. This chapter just inspired a post. What is the most Isekai OP skill? Hmm… everyone is welcome to suggest a series + skill via Tumblr/Twitter message or @ on twitter at @peggyseditorial​

7. The Unsuccessful Yet Academically Unparalleled Sage: A Cheating S-Rank Sorcerer’s Post-Rebirth Adventurer Log chapter 3.3 – MUHAHAHAHA, TFW you know they have NO idea who you’re talking to!  

8. Survive as the Hero’s Wife chapter 58 – I think both of them are reincarnated people!! Also, love Cesar’s heroic jump in out of jealousy that will probably end in all of them being trapped there until more help comes. LoL.

9. The Flower That Was Bloomed By A Cloud chapter 31 – Clearly I’m in a shipping mood because all I can think about are relationships right now. I’m not sure who I ship more–our princess with her bodyguard who is probably going to have a hidden agenda soon or our princess with her definitely-hiding-something-merchant of a prince-charming. Particularly after we see her mask cracking under the pressure. She’s smart, she knows he’s hiding something and wants to put her under his thumb, yet she clearly loves him. Augh. I can’t decide, what about y’all?

10. The Evil Lady’s Hero preview to chapter 2 – May Yunifer and Ished wed beautifully after I get to read a bunch of cool and romantic plot development that will mix funny with series with all the things I enjoy from similar villainess reincarnated with a hero love interests stories, amen.

11. I’m Destined For Greatness! chapters 1 to 2 – I’m not totally sure what this series is about. I’ll probably continue reading a few more chapters tomorrow and see if I can get a better feel for the series before deciding whether or not to keep it on my reading list. 

12. The Villainess Is Adored by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Kingdom chapter 8 – Tiara deserves this fluffy happiness. 

13. Miss Guillotine preview to chapter 1 by Gaje with art from stego on Lezhin – The first chapter of this series gave me chills. As a person who suffered intense and damaging bullying as a child while I was in elementary school that got progressively worse over the course of several years, I’m generally a fan of victims turned hero stories (I’m less inclined to be a fan of the victim turned revenge obsessed person stories, though I read both). The way chapter 1 ends with the MC’s sister seeing the bullying and shutting the door literally made my hair stand up and cover my mouth in a feeling of mixed disgust, horror, and–horribly–understanding. Because I remember being bullied and I remember seeing my classmates look and then turn away because they feared the same treatment. I also remember not wishing the hell I was going through on anyone else… I will probably continue reading this series, but if this is how it starts, I think I’ll read it in 1 to 2 chapter chunks for now. 

14. Wind by Yuyun chapters 1 to 2 on Lezhin – I’m not crying, you are ;_; 100% recommend you read for yourself. 


15.  Living as the Tyrant’s Older Sister chapter 4 – Kai, you manipulative little sh**, Alicia should have ditched you sooner. Also, a must-read y’all. This is hilarious. 

16. Lightning Degree chapters 1 to 2 – This opening has started at the training phase and I’m okay with that. I’ll reserve judgments until I read more. 

17. Land of Heroes chapter 1 to 5 on Webtoons – Cute series that so far pokes fun at the isekai genre. A good, quick read right now while it’s still short on chapters. I’ve linked the title so you all can check it out. 

18. Brothers Bond by Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin on Webtoons chapters 1 to 3 – I liked the character designs happening in this series. I also like how stoic the emperor seems as he interacts with his son and council–it’s cool. The art uses a lot of warm colors and lots of greens, making me feel like they’re in a hot and humid area, and the frogs make it feel like swamplands… In all, the series looks interesting but the story doesn’t seem to fit my tastes at the moment. I probably won’t continue reading it at this time. 

19. Cursed Princess Club chapter 1 to 7 – Comedy gold – I love the king, his three daughters, Jamie, and the guard who would prefer not to know anything about the cursed forest because he’s too afraid to face reality in front of him. Thank, , for creating this beautiful pastel kingdom. I will definitely be reading more tomorrow. I love that in chapter 4 Jamie is declared the pretty one and its just his chibi face with a tongue out. I love it. I’m crying from laughter. Then, chapter 5, we see Jamie brutally exposing an affair from a food taste test. OH LORD–JAMIE NO!!! – I’m crying from laughing so hard!! 


20. Kind of Love chapters 1 to 4, The Breakup, on Webtoons – This series describes itself as a collection of short stories, of which I read the first. The Breakup is about a young woman who’s unhappy with her current life. She meets a boy, and their relationship, even more so with their breakup, sets her life in motion. It was lovely, and while I feel happy for the main character’s success I also feel for her heartbreak. I was moved by the story and I will certainly be continuing with the series in the coming days. 

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