Quick Reads [Jan. 13 2020]

1. Kind of Love chapters 5 to 7, The Best Girl, on Webtoons – This series describes itself as a collection of short stories, of which I read the second today. The Best Girl is about a young woman who grows up gay and together with her childhood sweetheart. Her wife/lover dies before she does when they’re both older, and now she lives alone. Soon she meets a cute all black kitten, and her heart is healed because of it. #SmallCatIsBestGirl Look at this cute face:


2. The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess chapter 41 – I was really surprised when they brought in the uncle’s character as a deus ex machina and he totally disappeared. It’s nice that there is, at least for now, a parting letter. I can hardly wait to see how it reads in the next update. 

3. The Bestselling Empress chapter 33 – I’ve been a writer since I was fourteen and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a dream where I’ve imagined that… but, hey. Everything is relative. 

4. Akuyaku Reijou ni nanka narimasen. Watashi wa “Futsu” no koushaku reijou desu! chapter 1 – I’m sold on it. I love reincarnated-as-a-villainess stories, particularly where it starts as a child and this is so cute! 

5. 100日後に死ぬワニ」or This Croc Will Die in 100 Days by Yuuki Kikuchi on Twitter updates 1 to 30 – He’s such a good croc, I don’t want him to die. ;_; 

6. Nakamura Asumiko’s Tales of the Kingdom – Nakamura Asumiko is probably my favorite manga creator. Her storytelling, to me, is a beautiful mix of art and simple language, where expressions on a character’s face sometimes tell the audience more than words ever could and vice versa. As I was reading Tales of the Kingdom, I was stricken by the bonds of brothers, and more specifically twins. The idea of having two bodies, and two minds, but one spirit in many ways. I’ve seen such stories told before but Nakamura’s work always feels different. It’s more memorable too. She has a unique art style that accompanies her storytelling–long limbs, wide, large eyes with selected uses of colors. This work is no exception as we see the story of twins develop into a question of the bonds that make us, whether they be by blood or by choice relations. Gorgeous. 

7.  Nakamura Asumiko’s I am a Piano – Whenever I read something from Nakamura’s work that I haven’t before, I almost always go back and reread the short “I am a Piano” she created years ago. It was literally a short story told from the perspective of a piano who sees her players as dance partners. It’s beautifully written and drawn, and it was the first of the author’s works I had ever read. Just like the piano within who always remembers her first dance, I filled with nostalgia while reading Nakamura’s later works and return to this one-shot repeatedly. 


8. Nakamura Asumiko’s The Pearl Blue Story – I re-read this story too. This short story is about loss and dealing with that loss. We see it told from the perspective of a child who encounters a woman also suffering from a similar familial loss. By meeting her, the boy is able to finally begin grieving. I honestly believe that if you are a fan of manga/comics or just short stories, you should at least read one of Nakamura Asumiko’s works. I’ve always really connected with her characters and form of storytelling. 

9. Gu Daoist Master chapter 78 – He’s a 100+-year-old man who always has a plan… I’m excited to see how he overcomes the latest obstacle in his path to cultivation. 

10. Cursed Princess Club chapters 8 to 17 – Comedy gold continued! Jamie is awoken by a waffle. 🧇 💖 It was true love! OMG, thank you. Everyone, please check this series out. I’m slayed! _(:3」∠)_ I’ll finish reading the rest tomorrow for sure. Also, poor Monika!


11. The Wrath & the Dawn chapter 1 to 5 on Webtoon – 1001 Arabian nights retold!

12. The Duchess With An Empty Soul chapters 5 to 6 – MARRY CLAUDE.  That’s the only love interest I can invest in now. Also, I love how she’s just knocking down her ex-fiance at every turn!

13. SPYxFAMILY chapter 19 – And the Award for #BestMomInManga goes to: 


14. FANGS by Sarah Anderson on Tapas chapters 1 to 30 – I love this. This couple is so laid back about being monsters in the modern age. They make puns and other jokes–the blood bath slew me (not literally)! _(=з」∠)_ Definitely worth spending some ink to read ahead! 

15. Pheonix Nirvana chapters 88 to 89 on the WebComics app – You know, as I watch the emperor fall in love with his wife for the first time in, what was it, two lifetimes? I sometimes forget that he was still a complete horror twice before. So, yeah… 

16.  Emperor’s Evil Wife chapters 41 to 47 on the WebComics app – Xue Er is loved by the emperor <3. I have some theories about the mastermind behind the bat scandal, but I’d rather just wait and see what will happen. 

17. I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! chapter 11 – Okay, I remember reading about her having to dress like a boy in youth because of her mother’s obsession with her father, but seeing it in this chapter really hit it home for me because so far we’ve really only seen her fragile side, the side that’s defeated and just waiting for her chance to be relieved of her household. I mean, we’ve seen bits and pieces of her in men’s clothes before but not like that. Seeing her dressed as a boy in this chapter has just hit me in a different way. Idk why. 

18. Weak Hero chapters 1 to 5 on Webtoons – The moment I said, “oh sh**:”


Everything after that was just like, “when is he going to lose it?”

I’d say these middle school/high school fights things aren’t very realistic but I was recently reminded in a conversation with my parents that I was a bit of a violent middle schooler for a short stint. At about 12, after extensive bullying that gave me a fight response when I changed school, I took a boy down in a headlock that was two feet taller than me for making my best friend cry, I punched a stranger in the face for making the same best friend feel uncomfortable about her Halloween costume, and blitz attacked another guy who was friends with my friends like I was in a fight to the death for snapping my bra when I was walking by. These earned me the title of “Crazy” that carried well into my first two years of high school where I had totally dropped my violent ways. I’m not proud of this fact, but it did happen and seeing this story of a kid who just couldn’t stand it anymore and is now attending a new school where he has become the one that kids that fights back instead of taking it (which I had been when I was being heavily bullied before), reminded me of how that could happen. I certainly don’t recommend or condone such violent acts now, but it is pretty unique to see it portrayed in a comic and I will definitely be reading more. 

19. Reverse Villain chapters 1 to 2 – #YES. I love the little demon children–and, like, look at the hero who’s basically formed a rival-friendship with the evil guy over the reincarnations at the end. I really hope that holds but because I love this!!

20. Phantom Paradise preview to chapter 10 to on Webtoons – Okay. I was not expecting decapitation in the very first chapter. It gets a bit less gruesome from there. an enjoyable read for now that I will be continuing to read tomorrow.  


On the list for tomorrow:

Roland Roland chapters 32 to __- 


Phantom Paradise chapters 10 to __ on Webtoons –

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