Welcome to the team, Beata!

Source: A gift I received from a Secret Santa, depicting Wakaba Shinohara from Revolutionary Girl Utena

This week Casea and I are happy to welcome Beata Garrett to the team! Beata emailed me on Tuesday night and asked about joining our team.

Beata is a talented writer who has published before at Anime Feminist and on a blog of her own. Beata will be joining us here at The Anime View. With that said, Beata, take it away!

Hello! I’m Beata (@zhongxia246​), and I’m happy to be joining The Anime View as a Writer and Social Media Editor. When not blogging about books at clearsummers.wordpress.com, I write short stories and poetry (which you can find on my website). I have a soft spot for fantasy, horror movies, and stories about found families.

I’m interested in ideas about power, and the individual and collective responsibility we have as a society so you can expect to see a lot of analyses based on those themes. I love complicating ideas about empathy, especially in terms of how dominant groups empathize with marginalized peoples, and the morality of forgiveness and other social norms. I gravitate towards horror exactly for these reasons, and enjoy analyzing media that addresses systemic issues in fantastical worlds like Psycho Pass and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

I’m excited to work with the team and to bring my writing to The Anime View. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and work!

Stay safe and have a lovely week, readers.

– Beata Garrett

Social Media Editor & Writer at TheAnimeView.com

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