Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Review)

Source: Opening, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers If you’re not quite sure whether to watch Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the new Netflix anime based on a video game, Cyberpunk 2077, I would say it is worth it. It’s a messy experience, with interesting themes and storylines that are sometimes dragged out for too long or cut too short. Looking back on my time with this … Continue reading Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Review)

Princess Tutu: Rewriting Your Narrative

Source: Episode 12, Princess Tutu By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers On the surface, Princess Tutu is a simple and formulaic story: Ahiru, a duck, is transformed one day by her love and desire to be with a prince named Mytho. To get closer to him, she becomes a ballet student at his school and transforms into Princess Tutu to retrieve shards of his heart. She … Continue reading Princess Tutu: Rewriting Your Narrative

Dead End: Paranormal Park (Recommended Watch)

Source: Episode 10, Dead End: Paranormal Park By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers I didn’t know Dead End: Paranormal Park existed until a few days ago, but it has perfectly filled the “spooky summer” urge that I’ve had this entire month. Produced by Netflix and based on a series of graphic novels by Hamish Steele, this animated show is almost surprising in just how good it … Continue reading Dead End: Paranormal Park (Recommended Watch)

Why “Wakaba Flourishing” is a Masterful Episode

Source: Episode 20, Revolutionary Girl Utena By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers It’s difficult to pick one episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) as my favorite because they all lend weight to the overall story and the themes. Removing one, even the silliest such as “The Cowbell of Happiness,” feels wrong. However, I can safely say that Episode 20, titled “Wakaba Flourishing” is not only one … Continue reading Why “Wakaba Flourishing” is a Masterful Episode

Arcane Family Dynamics: Silco and Jinx

Source: Episode 4, Arcane By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers Welcome to Part Two of my analysis on Netflix’s original animated show, Arcane. You can read Part One of “Arcane Family Dynamics” here if you’re interested: Part Two focuses on the other integral father-daughter relationship in the series, that of a grown-up Powder, who goes by Jinx now, and Silco. It’s a tragic and complicated … Continue reading Arcane Family Dynamics: Silco and Jinx

Love Death + Robots Season 3 (Review)

By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers Love Death + Robots is an original show produced by Netflix that focuses on Sci-Fi stories told through animation. The different animation studios, directors, and writers at the helm of every episode make for an interesting experimentation that introduces viewers to different animation and directing styles.  Season 3 may be my favorite season yet, but it doesn’t have tough competition … Continue reading Love Death + Robots Season 3 (Review)

Goodbye, Eri Analysis (Part Two)

Source: Tatsuki Fujimoto, Goodbye, Eri By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers Welcome back to Part Two of my Goodbye, Eri analysis. In Part One, I touched upon some of the themes in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s excellent one-shot and focused on how film is used to remember those we love and the conundrum of who deserves to be remembered. In Part Two, I’ll expand upon these themes. Thank you … Continue reading Goodbye, Eri Analysis (Part Two)

Goodbye, Eri Analysis (Part One)

Source: Tatsuki Fujimoto, Goodbye, Eri By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers What is there to say about Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw Man, Fire Punch, and the devastating one-shot, Look Back? We could dive into so many aspects of his works. I love Fujimoto’s stories because he does ultraviolence in a way that cracks open the shell of humanity. Fujimoto’s work is raw, funny, and … Continue reading Goodbye, Eri Analysis (Part One)

Bubble (Review) – Beautiful but Shallow

Source: Bubble (2021) By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers Five years ago, the world was filled with bubbles. As the epicenter of the First Bubble, Tokyo received the worst of it as one exploded, devastating the city. Tokyo was abandoned, but “orphans of the Bubble Fall” took advantage of the ruined city to move in. One of these orphans, HIbiki, often hears singing from the tower … Continue reading Bubble (Review) – Beautiful but Shallow

Sing a Bit of Harmony (Review)

Source: Funimation By: Beata Garrett | @clearsummers Sing a Bit of Harmony is a movie I couldn’t catch in theaters, which is unfortunate considering some of its stunning visuals. I also think I would’ve connected with the emotional moments more if I had seen them on the big screen. As it is, J.C. Staff and Yasuhiro Yoshiura have created an enjoyable if shallow movie. … Continue reading Sing a Bit of Harmony (Review)