[Recommended Watch] Lines In Motion

Title: Delicious in Dungeon – Fundamentals of Character Design | Source: https://youtu.be/z0Hr2_uX73o

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

If you’re looking for insight into animation techniques, then Lines In Motion on YouTube is definitely a channel worth checking out. There are several reasons why I personally enjoy the work presented on Lines In Motion, but most notable is the attention this creator pays to minor details in art that are important aspects building toward story in comic and animated media. For example, the video above discusses character design, which is often not addressed much when looking critically at comics but is in fact such an important aspect that most comic and animated-related degrees incorporate classes specifically in gestured art and character design.

YouTube, overall, has become a go-to platform for entertainment, education, and inspiration. With hundreds to thousands of channels to look at regarding anime and manga reviews, I think it can be somewhat overwhelming. I find that often the channels doing manga and anime reviews are loud and fast-moving in their coverage of the topics, which is certainly a solid approach. However, this particular creator has a gorgeous style of editing, which I feel sets them apart from other channels that examine comic-related media. Their thorough address of a topic and the way they present the work makes watching their videos an enjoyable, calming viewing experience as opposed to some of the more prominent creators in this space who often have a flashier and louder approach to similar topics.

Overall, I find Lines In Motion‘s work to be engaging and informative, which is largely why I want to recommend them here. The creator is clearly passionate and well-informed on the subjects they discuss, which makes them a reliable source for reviewing topics if you happen to be a student of animation or sequential art. With close to 65k subscribers, this channel has already making a solid name for itself on YouTube, but it can’t hurt to recommend it more as the creator really does deserve more attention.

I suspect that this channel will boom in the near future so long as the creator keeps kicking out such beautiful and well-made videos. So, if you like the suggested video above and enjoy this kind of analytical approach to the medium that we all love here at The Anime View, then I hope you will head over to @linesinmotion on YouTube and give them some more views–I think you’ll be happy you did!

One thought on “[Recommended Watch] Lines In Motion

  1. wow! so glad I read this article!
    I am currently working on my own manga/comic (it’s a mix of realism + anime art-style) and all the other channels I usually watch have been no help whatsoever in terms of character design. This literally cured my artblock!


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