[Letter from the Editor] Meet Our New Mascot, Mōna!

Meet our new mascot, Mōna!

From a galaxy far, far away, there’s a new mascot in town–Mōna, the lunar rabbit! This cute bunny has a passion for exploration, and she’s always eager to share her love and appreciation for media! Whether it be good reads, watches, or games, she believes that everyone has something worth sharing and that there are endless possibilities for discovery and learning from the media we consume and the community around it!

Mōna is the embodiment of the energetic spirit of interest that we hope to have here at TAV as fans and writers.

We’re not going to say much regarding our new mascot’s backstory yet–mostly because we’re still working on it for fun behind the scenes here at TAV–however, I will let you all know that her name stems from the Old-English word for the moon and that we were inspired to pick a lunar theme because of our love for lunar/space mascot characters in various anime (like, Luna from Sailor Moon).

As we continue to develop and change, we’re sure Mōna and her meaning/role for our editorial will too. We hope you like her, and thank you all for your continued interest in our blog! 💖

3 thoughts on “[Letter from the Editor] Meet Our New Mascot, Mōna!

  1. Love the new mascot, Mōna! Her passion for exploration and media is contagious. Can’t wait to hear more about her backstory. What kind of media does Mōna enjoy the most?


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