PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS: This #TikTokBan Bill Is Far More Restrictive Than You Think

We do not usually post political content here at The Anime View, but this is important to understand. The S.686 bill (also called the RESTRICT act) is far more restrictive than many realize. It is not just a bill against a single platform but a bill that opens the gates which have protected internet freedoms of the people from overwhelming US governmental control.

S.686 is a widely interpretable bill, which is never a good thing in the US legal system. It provides the US Government the power to limit United States small business activities through social media platforms that may be deemed as relating to a foreign power, it limits technology development and allows the US Government to dictate nearly any technological device related to the internet (such as your router, or a VPN) that comes from another country or that is used to access “banned” content in another country as potential spy wear. It also provides them access to your devices to spy on you in your home on your device. Moreover, the cost of violating this new bill, should it pass, is high, featuring a mandatory 20 years in prison along with such high fees that the majority of middle and lower class could never dream of making in their lifetime.

Bill S.686 enables violation of the First Amendment while destroying the powers of the Freedom of Information Act. The idea that future lawmakers, politicians, or other government entities will not use it for purposes that harm the US population’s constitutional rights to information and free speech is, at best, naively misguided and, at worse, an abuse of power.

S. 686 is terrifyingly giving unilateral power to a select group with little oversight. A group that will change with each new president and fundamentally warp internet use. In a purported attempt to protect the data of US persons from the Chinese government, these bills (S. 686/RESTRICT ACT and DATA Act) will instead put us closer to places like North Korea or other dictator states due to limits on its population’s access to information. The bills will block Americans from engaging in international political discussions and information, artistic expression, the advancement of business, and the free exchange of ideas.

We, as Americans, have a First Amendment right to use social media platforms and the internet to exchange our thoughts, ideas, and opinions with people around the country and around the world. Mass Media should be ashamed to promote this bill and entertain the idea that it is only against one platform and not a gateway bill to take down internet freedoms in the US. This is not the first time the US Government has engaged media outlets to warp the understanding of the bill in public perception, just as it is not the first time they have attempted to warp the law to have further control.

I urge every reader to send a letter to their representative, regardless of age. Children (any under 18) are Americans, too, and have every right to contact their representatives about laws that affect their future. If you have trouble finding a way to contact your representatives, you can do so here through the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

For more information on the consequences we face should this bill pass:

I recommend watching this TikTok video that summarizes the bill’s contents and highlights how it can be misused:

I also recommend reading this summary of how the bill affects business and constitutional freedoms: < If you have trouble reading this post on your device, I’ve provided a PDF copy in the WordPress post.


The RESTRICT ACT known as the tiktok ban, bill S.686 is a terrifying bill that bans more than just tiktok. #tiktok #tiktokban #unitedstates #politics #bills686

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